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CEO Sydney is responsible for the leadership, efficient operation and management of the systemic schools which educate almost 63,000 students in 147 parish primary and regional secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney.
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Eileen O'Connor Centre 


The Eileen O'Connor Centre provides leadership and services for teachers, students and parents through evidence-based learning technologies that facilitate communication within, between and across schools, regional offices and homes.


The Eileen O'Connor centre programs have a strong research focus and are co-ordinated by a multi-disciplinary team, to support students with diverse learning needs in Sydney Catholic schools, using innovative blended learning opportunities.


The Eileen O'Connor Centre provides leadership in teaching and learning for students who

  • require intensive English support
  • have disabilities, learning difficulties or sensory impairment
  • gifted and talented students.

Goals 2013

The Eileen O'Connor Centre aims to lead and support

  • professional learning communities through collaboration and conversations among the three focus areas (new arrivals, special needs, gifted and talented)
  • effective, evidence-based learning technologies for students and teachers - including online, blended and on-site learning opportunities
  • existing Archdiocesan programs for students in all three focus areas through engagement in active research to promote evidence-based practice
  • reflective and collegial communication and collaboration among regions and schools across K-12
  • partnerships with universities and schools to conduct and support research on effective practices in all three focus areas.

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